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Success Stories


  • Perhaps one of the most defining moments for me in Reflexology was during my training.  I worked on a client with severe asthma.  The client arrived for a session having difficulty breathing.  As I began to work on the lung reflex area of the hand, the client took a deep breath.  As I continued to work this area, the client began breathing deeper and more evently.  The dramatic difference was noticeable to us both.

Sleep Apnea

  • Another experience was with a client who suffered from sleep apnea.  The client rarely had a good nights rest, even when wearing a continuous positive airway pressure therapy mask (C-PAP).  Usually within the first 5 minutes of a Reflexology session, the client went into a deep sleep lasting the length of a session.  The client awoke refreshed; stating it was better than the sleep experienced wearing the mask. 

Hyperactive or Stressed Children

  • Amazingly I find children love Reflexology.  Whether hyperactive, having a tantrum or overly tired, within minutes of working on their feet, the child settles into a calm, relaxed and happy state, often going to sleep.

Shoulder Pain

  • A client with external fossa decompression, neck and back pain, and constant shoulder pain experienced relief within 30 minutes of the first session.


  • Reflexology improves circulation in the feet.  Clients tell me their numbness goes away after a Reflexology session. 


  • One client who is a breast cancer survivor suffers from debilitating neuropathy.  After one session the client reported she forgot to take her pain meds the next day because she was not experiencing any pain.  
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